The maximum distance 'L' between the outside edges of the pulley, i.e. the face width is equal to (x-1) e + 2f

where x is the number of grooves.



1) See diagram for symbol.

2) The tolerance on dimension applied to the distance between the centre of any two grooves whether adjacent or not.

3) It is recommended that the tolerance on dimension should be taken into account in the alignment of the pulleys.

4) When the pulleys are to be used for V-Belts of sections Z, ? , ? , ? only, dimension 'h' may be reduced by 20 %.

5) Only above dimension pulleys should be used for Banded belts except for 'A' section,

where             e = 15.9 mm

 The tolerance for side wobble and for run out (eccentricity), in mm per millimeter of pulley diameter shall be as follows:

Pulley diameter = 500 mm ± 0.001

500mm < Pulley diameter = 1500 mm ± 0.015

Pulley diameter > 1500mm ±0.002