All Darwin Plus V-belts are manufactured in the under given Length Tolerance range. However, V-belts normally give a shrinkage during storage which varies depending on the different climatic conditions. This process of shrinking of V-belts is reversible and Match Free V-belts resume their original length after installation and initial run. This process of shrinkage and retaining of the original length by the Match Free V-belts does not in any way effect the working performance and life of Match Free V-belts.

Nominal Length (Lp),

in mm

Length Tolerance,

in mm

Upto 1899 mm


Beyond 1900 mm

± 2

upto 3149 mm

Beyond 3150 mm

± 3

upto 4999 mm

Beyond 5000 mm

± 4

upto 8999 mm

Beyond 9000 mm

± 6

upto 16000 mm